I’m Gregor aka Bosy (eng. Barefoot). I’m the IT engineer with an artistic soul, drive and a bit of talent.

I always dreamed about becoming a tattoo artist. (Un)Fortunately I haven’t managed to overcome a fear of making mistakes. Human skin is not a piece of paper… Despite my fears, I didn’t want to give up my passion so I started “tattooing” everything else around me. I have begun with paper drawings, then I got into wood sculpting and handmade jewellery than I started painting on clothes and finally on all sorts of vehicles.

Project Bosy gathers all my finished projects and these I’m still working on.

However, my life is not all about art, I enjoy working with computer hardware and love food, and cooking, experimental cuisine in particular!

Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy exploring my website!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to get in touch!